The SLV future visions are  .....…   Passion, responsibility, respect and reliability.
These are SLV core values. Words that are not just empty marketing buzz words, but filled with meaning and life. The passion of the company for light is as vibrant as the light itself. Making lumination an experience - and thus a sharable moment is SLV driving force. SLV want to be the solution for your vision of light.
In the catalogue BIG WHITE® '22 you find all you need, for all that's possible.
Exciting product innovations, tried and tested classics, and useful accessories have once again made their way into the catalogue. And thanks to the optimized product presentation, the high-quality application photos, and the familiar color coding, you can now find the product you're looking for even quicker.
(info from the company's web)

Monday, 11 July 2016

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